Product and Solutions

Health & Safety product
from TSI - USA

We represent TSI, USA for their Products related to Health & Safety in the Pharmaceutical industry, TSI Develops and manufactures accurate and reliable occupational heal and safety instruments to measure what’s important in your safety program. TSI understands how important your job is and what you need to do it well. Various solution from TSI includes:

  • Noise Monitoring
  • Respirator fit tester
  • Heat stress Monitor
  • Aerosol Monitors
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring


Trust TSI to help you handle your OH&S Challenges every day.

Temperature Data Loggers
from Tridentify - Sweden

Tridentify Ab a SaaS MedTech Company with headquarters located outside Gothenburg, Sweden. We Provide a patented and certified system to secure the quality and permanence of sensitive pharmaceuticals and Food/Wine in the cold chain.

We offer leasing or “Device as a Service – DaaS” of the hardware + a Software as a Service – SaaS fee for the use of our system. We can calculate the remaining shelf-life of a product in parallel with standard temperature monitoring. This is possible as we in a temperature profile not only program min/max alarm value.

TOC Stream Sequencer

SequenTOC, the High-Performance Stream Sequencer used for the Analysis of TOC from multiple loops of ultrapure Water using a single TOC analyzer. It ensures to make available the sample for analysis once at a time in a sequential manner as programmed.

The Stream selector greatly reduces both the initial investment and maintenance cost of running the TOC analyzer by reducing the cost of Consumables, Reagents used to operate the Analyzer. It also provides performance advantages and optimum utilization of the Online Analyzer. SequenTOC eliminates the possible error between multiple analyzers as with the same analyzer we can measure and get a fair comparison between them.

Validation Accessories

One of the critical points in validation is measurement. For an accurate measurement, high-quality sensors and a datalogger are essential, but this will not solve the purpose unless we have a proper mechanism to measure it correctly. 

So the accessories used during the validation play an important role by ensuring the sensor is placed at the right point, the biological indicators used are intact and not lost, and the sensors are not physically impacted, which enhances the life of the sensors as well.

Smart Gaskets, Smart Clamps, BI Holders, and Lyo Plucks are the different solutions we provide to ease the Validation Process.

Monitoring and Validation solutions from ebro®

ebro® is part of Xylem Analytics Group, Founded in 1968, in its more than 50-year history, ebro® has specialized in high-quality measurement technology such as handheld instruments, thermometers, and data loggers. Are you looking for devices and software to measure temperatures, humidity, pH, oil qualities, pressure, and Brix? Then you have found your partner with ebro®. From measurement to recording to evaluation, we offer you quality products and solutions tailored to your requirements.

Accurate measurements are essential for ensuring the correct quality and instilling the utmost confidence in the process. Whether it’s Process Validation, routine control, continuous process monitoring, Ex applications, or the reprocessing of medical devices, we offer solutions for all applications.